Praiseworthy Words from Fatih Altaylı to TOGG

Habertürk writer Fatih Altaylı made remarkable statements about the domestic car TOGG. Altaylı, who visited the headquarters of Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) in IT Valley, shared his impressions. “The first two vehicles are the ones previously shown and produced by Pininfarina. The other vehicle is a vehicle made in Turkey.” said the journalist, touched on the main differences in this car.

“It Has Become More Muscular and Imposing”

Stating that there were changes in the TOGG design compared to the first prototypes, Altaylı noted that the wheelbase of the vehicle was extended by 9 centimeters and changes were made to the body to reduce wind resistance. “That hood has been changed. The lines have become more beautiful and more muscular and majestic in my opinion.” Fatih Altaylı, who used his expressions, spoke highly of TOGG’s new design.

Expressing that there are significant changes in the interior, Altaylı said, “The entire Dashboard has become a screen. A seamless screen from one end to the other. It’s like the Porsche Taycan but with no cuts in it. Fullscreen. The control screen in the middle at the bottom has shrunk a little, and there are some changes in the section where the control joystick is located. It seems more user friendly.” said.

“I would happily buy this car”

Noting that changes were made to the rear view camera of the vehicle, Fatih Altaylı said that the mirror was turned into a normal mirror instead of the camera as previously planned. Altaylı stated that this decision was taken due to both the demand from the users and the problems such as the pollution caused by the cameras. Habertürk writer, “I believe a little more every day that you are making a wonderful car. I will buy this car. I will be very happy.” He said that he liked the car very much.

Stating that the difficulties in the automotive sector should be viewed from a realistic perspective, Altaylı said, “Your job is not easy in economies of scale, while all major manufacturers are uniting, a giant like FIAT has to merge with Chrysler and then with the French PSA. While all brands are under common roofs, Mercedes is partnering with TESLA, and while they are putting forward billions of euros in R&D budgets, I think about how you will tackle these challenges.” used the phrases.

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