Praise for Domestic Car Togg from the Greek Press

Togg continues to attract great attention in the international arena as well as in Turkey. Finally, the expressions “ready to conquer Europe” were used for Togg, which was on the agenda in Greece.

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (Togg) began to appear frequently in the world press as well as in our country. Togg participated in CES 2022 held in Las Vegas, USA, where he introduced the new sedan model to the world. Participating in the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, Togg has now come to the fore in the Greek press.

Attracting all the attention in the international arena, Togg’s C-sedan model attracted great attention in the electric car world. However, the Greek press wrote that cars of foreign brands were produced in Turkey before, but that Turkey will produce its own car together with Togg. Speaking of Togg with words of praise, the Greek press used remarkable expressions.

“President Erdogan Fulfilled His Dream”

Togg, which received wide coverage in the neighboring press, came to the fore especially with the design details of the C-sedan model. It was also stated in the Greek press that President Erdogan realized his dream with the domestic car Togg. He stated that Togg’s decision to participate in CES 2022 and exhibit at an international auto show renews confidence in President Erdoğan.

It has been announced that the first production models of the green car Togg, which has a wide impact in Greece, will take its place in the domestic market in early 2023. As it is known, the Togg will be sold in the European market in 2023 after being put on the market for the first time in Turkey. The Greek press spoke highly of the domestic car Togg, which aims to open up to the European market.

“Ready to Conquer Europe”

It has been written that Togg will be produced in the factory located in Gemlik district of Bursa, which has been under construction for a while. Regarding this issue in the Greek press, “The production of the first Turkish cars will start this year at the Gemlik factory, which has an annual capacity of 175,000 vehicles. Production is projected to increase to one million by 2030. The first Turkish car is ready to conquer Europe” expressions were used.

The construction work of the construction, where the domestic car Togg will be produced, continues. The Togg will be available in two different models in 2023, the C-SUV and the C-Sedan. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş announced that sales will be made in 5 different models in the coming years.

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