Ministers Steering on Togg’s Test Track!

Domestic car Togg, one of Turkey’s national prides, continues to be on the agenda with a new development every day. Finally, the domestic automobile, which came to the agenda with its exhibit at the Ecology Summit held for the first time in Ankara, this time managed to make a name for itself with the test track, whose work was completed in its facility in Gemlik.

Togg Test Track Completed!

The domestic car Togg, which has managed to excite both the automotive industry and the citizens for a while, was presented to the participants at the CES fair held in America at the beginning of the year, and then at the Ecology Summit held in Ankara last month.

In these days, when the automotive industry is increasingly turning to electric car production in the light of various financial and technological developments, it has shown its presence in the sector with Togg in Turkey. The domestic car Togg, which is the national pride of the country, continues to complete the test stages one by one and is preparing to start mass production.

Having completed the test track, which has been under preparation for approximately 3 months, Togg was tested on the track by state authorities.

Ministers Take the Wheel of Togg!

The Togg factory, which is under construction in the Gemlik district of Bursa, announced that the test track of the car has been completed. After the completion of the test track, which is reported to be 1.6 kilometers long, it was visited by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati. The ministers, who made the first test drive of the track, posed for the cameras.

It was announced that the test track, which was designed according to categories such as rough road, high speed and maneuvering, did not encounter any problems and thus would contribute to the development of Togg.

Togg is Coming with a Rumble!

The domestic car Togg, which has a very important place in terms of both our country and the world’s automotive industry, is preparing to start mass production at the end of 2022 and to be launched in the first quarter of 2023. In this context, while the works for both the vehicle and the factory construction in Gemlik continue without slowing down, it is reported that the factory has the capacity to produce 2 million vehicles.

It was shared with the public that Togg, which will be launched with the SUV model, will then roll up its sleeves for the Sedan and Hatchback models.

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