Minister Varank Announced: Turkey Will Become Stronger in the World Together with Togg!

In the new era, in which electric vehicle production is supported by almost every automotive company, it proved that it has a say in the subject with its domestic car Togg in Turkey. The domestic car Togg, which started to come to the fore both on the Turkish and world stages, managed to leave its mark on the automotive industry even though it was still in the testing phase.

In these days when news about the production or investment of a new electric vehicle comes almost every day, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank also made statements on the subject. Answering the questions of the press during his visit to the factory, Minister Varank revealed Togg’s claim with his statements.

Turkey Brand Out of Bursa!

The acceleration of work on the production of electric vehicles for a while has ensured that Turkey’s domestic car, Togg, remains on the agenda. Exhibited in America and Ankara, Togg managed to get full marks from industry representatives and other participants within the scope of related organizations.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who visited the factory in Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone yesterday, stated that Togg works continue and the factory has the capacity to produce 2 million vehicles. Pointing out that Turkey’s own brand came out of Bursa, Minister Varank said that with the Togg project, a transformation was achieved in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

300 Million TL Charge Support!

During his visit to the factory, Minister Varank also touched on the Charging Station Regulation, which was published by EMRA in the past few days, and stated that the increase in the number of electric vehicles also increased the need for charging stations in direct proportion. Pointing to the EMRA regulation on the subject, Minister Varank announced that he would provide 300 million TL of cash support to his ministry within the scope of the regulation.

“We Will Be Strong In The World Too!”

Stating that Turkey has come to another point with Togg, Minister Mustafa Varank stated that Turkey, which is strong in the automotive sector, will reveal its power in the world thanks to the Togg project. Stating that the studies are continuing, Minister Varank stated that Turkey will be stronger in the mobility sector and that after the completion of the studies, Turkey will be a much better exporting country.

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