Minister Varank Announced: KOSGEB Support Will Be Provided Under the Leadership of Togg!

The gradual deterioration of ecological balances, both in Turkey and in other countries, has led the country’s administrations and, accordingly, the manufacturing companies serving within the countries to turn to different working principles and to show the necessary care for new products to be environmentally friendly. At this point, one of the biggest changes observed in all countries of the world has emerged in the automotive sector.

The automotive industry, which has been in various innovations for a while, has accelerated electric vehicle designs, which is one of its nature-friendly projects. Electric vehicles, which are much more advantageous compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, both during the production phase and during vehicle performance, started to spread rapidly. At this point, our country also supported this spread with the domestic car Togg, which is still in the testing phase.

Togg, who took the stage in America at the beginning of the year and later in Ankara, managed to get full points from the world arena, while new projects led by Togg began to develop. At this point, the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who gave the good news with the statements he made at the 49th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Turkish Metal Industrialists’ Union (MESS), announced that the work for KOSGEB support has accelerated.

MESS General Assembly Meeting Ministers Hosted!

The 49th Ordinary Board Meeting of MESS, which was held in the past days, was held with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin. Making statements at the meeting, Minister Varank gave good news both to Togg and to new projects that Togg will pioneer.

Charging Station Grant Supports Start!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varan, who was in front of the cameras at the MESS General Assembly Meeting, made statements regarding the electric vehicle sector, which Turkey is also involved in with the domestic automobile Togg. Stating that Togg’s contribution to the green transformation will be great, Minister Varank announced that 1,500 charging stations will be established throughout the country within 1 year in order to support this transformation, and that 300 million TL of grant supports will begin to be paid.

KOSGEB Support Led by Togg!

Continuing his explanations, Minister Varank gave the good news that the Energy Efficiency Support Program service will be offered to the producer SMEs through KOSGEB in order to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.

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