Mahmut Asmalı, Chairman of MUSIAD, Speaks About TOGG

Mahmut Asmalı, Chairman of MUSIAD, met with representatives of the business world in Bursa. Taking TOGG on his agenda, Asmalı said that Bursa is the right address for TOGG production thanks to its strong infrastructure.

Developments continue to be experienced about Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG), which millions of citizens in Turkey are eagerly waiting for. Finally, the leading names of the business world also made important statements about TOGG. Mahmut Asmalı, Chairman of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), which is among these, spoke at the meeting organized by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Meeting with the business world, Asmalı made important statements about TOGG and its production facility.

“An Investment Bursa Deserves”

As it is known, a facility was established in Gemlik district of Bursa for the production of TOGG, which is expected to be on the roads in 2023. Defending that Bursa has an important place in the country’s exports, Mahmut Asmalı said, “The projects of BTSO contribute to the value-added exports of Bursa, which has a foreign trade surplus of 8 billion dollars. The strong infrastructure prepared in Bursa enabled Gemlik to be preferred for the production of Turkey’s automobile, TOGG.” said.

Reminding that Bursa definitely deserves TOGG investment, the President of MUSIAD said that they have 11 thousand members and they have high potential. Pointing out that 4 thousand of the members are young people under the age of 30, Asmalı said the following about her domestic and international activities: “We are one of the most important non-governmental organizations, which has 84 contact points in 71 countries abroad, and creates 1 million 800 thousand employments with 60 thousand company owners. As MUSIAD, our doors and hearts are open to anyone whose heart beats for this country and who wants to serve this country.”

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Bursa’s Export Record

Speaking at the meeting, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that the city is the second largest exporter in Turkey. “Bursa exports to more than 121 countries alone today. Our city, which has reached a unit value of 4 dollars per kilogram in exports and has a foreign trade surplus of 8 billion dollars, is a source of inspiration for all of Turkey,” said Burkay, and made statements at the meeting. Council members and council presidents also attended the meeting.

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