Locality Rate in Togg’s Production Has Been Announced!

Increasing vehicle production costs, increasing environmental pollution and the chip crisis caused by the pandemic caused restrictions on the production of automobile models with diesel and gasoline features. The fact that manufacturers have recently focused on electric car production has led to a change in consumer habits. Especially with the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the increase in fuel prices of brent oil, which gained value, to the level of 30 TL, made consumers look warmly to electric car purchases.

While up-to-date information on electric car design from a manufacturer company has been on the agenda recently, the domestic car Togg, which has been working for a while, continues to maintain its popularity. Prepared for mass production at the Gemlik facility, Togg caused great excitement both in our country and in other countries, and a clear statement was made regarding the vehicle’s domesticity rate. The statements made about the domestic automobile, which feeds our national feelings, put a smile on the faces of the citizens who dream of buying the vehicle.

Togg’s Locality Rate Has Been Determined!

In line with the statements made by authorized persons in the past days, it was noted that Togg will start deme productions. While the preparations for the production phase, in which 208 robots will take an active role, are continuing, the locality rate of the vehicle has also been determined.

The locality rate of Togg, which will be launched with the C-SUV model for the first time, was announced as 51 percent. According to the statements made by the company, it was noted that this rate will be increased in other models.

It will reach 68 percent!

While the domestic car Togg’s domesticity rate of 51 percent was announced, it was learned that it is aimed to increase this rate to 68 percent by 2026.

Locality Rates of Other Vehicles Have Been Determined!

After Togg, the locality rates of other vehicles produced in our country were also announced. In the announced list, Hyundai’s locality rate is 51-66%, Renault’s locality rate is 41-51%, Fiat’s locality rate is 51-58%, and Toyota’s locality rate is 42-55%. Looking at these rates, it has become certain that Togg will be trafficked at a rate below the market’s average domesticity rate.

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