Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery to be Produced Together with Togg

With the development of technology, the need for lithium-based batteries is increasing day by day. Today, lithium-based batteries are used in every field from mobile phones to electric vehicles, from industry to energy storage. Another move came from Turkey in the production of lithium batteries, which are also of great importance for the automotive industry. While the domestic automobile Togg production process accelerates, lithium iron phosphate batteries will be produced in order to reduce production costs in this process.

The foundation has been laid for the factory that will produce lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are used for energy production as well as the consumer electronics and automotive sectors in Turkey. The factory to be built in Ankara has become the country’s first lithium iron phosphate battery factory. The groundbreaking ceremony was held with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin.

600 People Will Be Employed

The foundation of this factory, which also plays an important role in meeting the battery needs of the domestic electric car Togg, was started in Ankara and it was announced that its construction will be completed in 3 stages. A total investment of 180 million dollars is planned for the establishment of Turkey’s first lithium iron phosphate battery factory. When the factory, which will employ 250 people in the first stage, is fully opened, 600 people will be employed.

It is planned to produce 1 million battery cells in the first phase at the lithium iron phosphate battery production facility, where the first phase investment was made. These produced cells will be converted into batteries and energy storage facilities and will be evaluated in the energy integrated campus. Speaking at the opening of the ceremony, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made remarkable statements.

FARASIS and Togg Draw Attention to Collaboration

While giving the good news that the first domestic electric cars will come off the mass production line by the end of 2022, Minister Varank said, “But we are aware that battery technologies will be very effective in the long-term success of projects like Togg.” used the phrases. Drawing attention to the partnership agreement between Togg and Chinese energy giant FARASIS, Minister Varank stated that the investments will continue.

“With these investments, a much larger energy ecosystem will be created and our national capacity will also improve. This investment by Kontrolmatik Teknoloji will be an appropriate step in meeting the increasing storage need in the sector with domestic and national opportunities.” In his statement, the Minister of Industry and Technology reminded the importance of the battery factory in this field.

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