Is TOGG automatic or manual?

Is TOGG automatic? What type of gearbox is used in TOGG? Will TOGG be manual or automatic? We present these curious details to you.

Dear readers. TOGG is our Turkish automotive initiative whose intellectual property is 100% owned by us and was founded with the initiative and support of 5 major companies and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It is a very beautiful, stylish and original design prototype vehicle. It has not started mass production yet, but factory construction continues.

If you are curious, you can visit the live broadcast on the TOGG site and check the construction phase of the factory. The general properties of TOGG are already well known. But this question is also asked. Is TOGG automatic? Is it manual? We are preparing this question for you.

The TOGG prototype was produced automatically. It is envisaged that these vehicles will be produced automatically. But in the future, after the mass production and other steps are completed, it can be produced for an economical vehicle. But at the moment there is no such information. Because if manual transmissions are used in electric cars, charging path and battery problems can arise in the long run. That’s why it has a TOGG automatic transmission option, both as a sedan and an SUV.

For more details, functions and presentation of the TOGG electric car

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