Is the Togg engine domestic? Which country produces?

The manufacturer of the Togg engine is among the topics that are frequently researched by both the Turkish people and foreign sources closely interested in the sector in these days when the mass production of the domestic and innate electric car has started. The company, which was established in June 2018 and has accelerated its work for the domestic automobile as of 2019, is one of the most curious issues whether it also produces the engine of the automobile.

Due to the restriction on the production of vehicle models with internal combustion engines, both financially and due to the environmental damage of the related engines, electric cars, which have been increasing their market share in recent years, have started to take place on the agenda of consumers with the increasing fuel prices. This market, in which Turkey is also preparing to be included with the domestic and innate electric car Togg, has been evaluated as one of the great achievements of the automotive industry in recent times.

After 61 years, Togg rolled up his sleeves in order to produce Turkey’s domestic automobile, and signed solid and permanent collaborations at this stage. Defending that they want to be much more than an automobile manufacturer and that they have taken decisive steps in this sense, Togg officials stated that they do not have a goal of producing parts in the short term, and that other parts, especially the engine, will be produced by Togg as the market share grows.

While wondering who produced the engine of the domestic and innate electric car Togg, which started mass production with the Gemlik Factory, which was realized with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 29, the company’s CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş had previously made a statement on the subject. explanations came up again. In his previous statement regarding the domestic car, Karakaş stated that they agreed with the German manufacturer Bosch and that Bosch was the best in this field.

Who Manufactures Togg’s Battery?

The manufacturer of the Togg battery continues to be frequently searched by consumers who want to have information about the domestic vehicle, other sector representatives and the foreign press. According to the statements made by the company officials before, the battery of the domestic and innate electric car Togg will be produced by the company called “Siro”, which was established in cooperation with China and Turkey. Battery production will also be carried out at Togg’s Gemlik Factory.

What Percent Domesticity Does Togg Have?

Togg’s domesticity rate is another topic of interest regarding the electric car. According to the statements made a few months ago, it was reported that Togg, which was announced as “domestic”, had a 51 percent locality rate.

Who Are Togg’s Partners?

The shares of Togg partners and related company partners in the business were shared as follows:

TOBB: 8 percent
Zorlu Holding: 23 percent
Turkcell: 23 percent
Anadolu Group: 23 percent
BMC: 23 percent

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