Important Announcement About Togg’s Release Date

Vice President Fuat Oktay made important statements about the domestic car Togg. Oktay, who participated in the “Anadolu Asks” program organized by the Anatolian Publishers Association at the Presidential Complex, talked about what kind of project Togg is, and also shared details about the date of its release. The new statements about Togg, which are eagerly awaited by millions of citizens in Turkey, were also widely discussed on social media platforms.

While there is a radical change in the electric car industry all over the world, its trace is being followed in Turkey. Electric car sales in the Turkish automobile market are increasing with an increasing momentum every year. In this process, a large part of the citizens are waiting for the release of the domestic car Togg. Fuat Oktay, who made statements about the date that Togg will be unloaded from the production line, gave very important details.

“Togg On The Road In The First Quarter Of 2023”

Pointing out that Turkey has taken an important step in the sector with the Togg move, Oktay said: “Turkey is entering a new segment at the right time in electric vehicles. At the same time actually think of it as a smart device, mobile phone, constantly updated. It’s constantly evolving. With any luck, the facilities will be completed by the end of this year.

As far as I know, the construction phase of the paint shop has started. With any luck, we will have finished the facilities in the second half of the year. In vehicle manufacturing, the production line will be completed by the end of the year. Our first vehicle will also be off the production line. Hopefully, it will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2023.”

“All Kinds of Autonomous Experience at Togg”

Expressing that Togg was created by synthesizing the work with the latest technological developments, Vice President said the following about the company, which was established as a joint venture capital: “Togg was established as a joint venture capital.

As a local and national company, it is a structure where the experience of all kinds of autonomous systems we have gained in Turkey is transferred. It’s not just a vehicle manufacturing, it’s not an automobile, it’s actually the electric vehicle we’re making right now.”

The domestic car Togg is expected to be the locomotive of information systems, autonomous systems and sub-industry. Commenting on the future of the Togg project, which has already excited millions of citizens, Vice President Fuat Oktay said, “We will see together what kind of acceleration and development is achieved in 3-5 years.” used the phrases.

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