How to Apply for Togg Recruitment Posts?

The rapid development of technology has enabled many sectors to change their production strategy within themselves. When we look at consumer habits and technological developments, automobiles are at the forefront of the new generation devices that have survived the era. Cars, which mediate the most comfortable continuation of daily life, gradually bid farewell to the internal combustion engines that have been used for many years and started to be offered for sale with electric models.

In addition to technological opportunities and consumer habits, the upward movements observed in the economy markets increase the costs of spare parts, the existence of the chip crisis that emerged in the pandemic and increased its effect with the new period, and the decision to reduce carbon emissions, which causes increasing air pollution, gave priority to the production of electric cars. were among the contributing factors.

While news of electric car promotions came from almost every vehicle manufacturer today, the news of domestic automobiles, which had been expected for a while, was finally given to consumers. The company, which was founded in 2018 and started to work for domestic cars as of 2019, accelerated its test studies at the beginning of this year. The domestic car Togg, which has been tested in all kinds of terrain and climate types since the beginning of the year, has recently attracted attention with a new development that has excited both the sector and consumers. This development of Togg has given thousands of people job prospects. Details were announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Togg Goes into Mass Production!

A new process has begun for the domestic car Togg, which is planned to be produced in a total of 1 million by 2030 and includes 5 different models in its product range. The process, which has been awaited with excitement for a long time, was announced to the consumers with the opening of the Gemlik Factory, which was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 29, 2022, and the mass production of Togg was officially started.

President Erdogan Announces Togg’s Employment Capacity!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made statements about the domestic automobile, the company and the sector at the opening of the Gemlik Factory, also touched upon the employment opportunities of Togg. Stating that 20 million people are indirectly employed, President Erdoğan emphasized that with the annual production capacity of the factory reaching 175 thousand arcs, direct employment will be created for 4,300 people.

Togg’s Current Recruitment Ads

Publishing open positions on LinkedIn, one of the popular platforms, Togg listed the departments to be recruited as follows:

IT Project Management
Spare Parts Product& Pricing Management
Cost Accounting
Distribution Planning & Management
Budget & Reporting
Market Analysis & Demand Planning
Charging- Field Service
Where and How to Apply for Togg’s Job Postings?

You can apply to Togg’s current recruitment announcements through the LinkedIn platform. In order to apply, a platform membership must be created first. After the necessary approvals are given, Togg ads can be accessed from the “search” tab on the screen that opens.

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