How Much Will Togg Price Be Prepared to Take to the Roads?

While Turkey’s first electric domestic car, Togg, is getting ready to hit the roads in 2023, citizens are already waiting excitedly. Introduced in Las Vegas, USA at the beginning of January and introduced internationally, Togg managed to attract the attention of the whole world. It has become a matter of curiosity how much the price of the Togg, which is expected to be offered for sale in the Turkish market in the first place, will be.

Saying hello to the whole world from the USA with its renewed logo design, Togg drew all the attention. While wondering when the vehicle will be put on sale, explanations on the subject came one after another. Authorities who closely follow the project, said that the domestic car Togg will take its place on the roads from the first quarter of 2023, creating great excitement.

The price of the Togg, which is planned to enter mass production this year in the domestic automobile factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa, was also the subject of research.

How Much Will Togg Price Be?

While the competition in the electric car industry is increasing day by day, the price of Togg is also curious. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş made a statement about the price of Togg, which is a topic of discussion on social media and which citizens are very curious about. Stating that they will compete with the conventional vehicles in the C-SUV class offered for sale in the current automobile market in Turkey, Karakaş underlined that they will follow a competitive pricing policy in the Togg price.

As it is known, the prices of the vehicles in the C-SUV segment, offered for sale by various world-famous brands in Turkey, start from 800 thousand TL and go up to 1.5 million. Incentives are expected to be introduced first to lower Togg’s price, as it is against competition law. It is planned to reduce the price to lower levels by applying other incentives, as it is illegal to bring SCT support only for Togg and this is against the law.

Is Domestic Car Togg Price Certain?

The domestic car Togg, which is expected to enter mass production and come off the production line in 2022, will be launched in the first quarter of 2023. According to the information received from officials and people close to the sector, the price of the Togg SUV model will be around 800 thousand TL if there is no incentive. However, incentives for Togg continue to work to sell this car at a price of around 500 thousand TL.

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