How Does Tesla’s Coming to Turkey Affect Togg Sales?

Tesla, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to electric cars, had updated its official website the other day. It announced that it will set up its own charging stations in 10 provinces in Turkey, including metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. Some models of the US-based electric car giant are also expected to be offered for sale in Turkey.

In this process, the rivalry between the domestic car Togg and Tesla has intensified. Experts evaluated the electric car competition between Togg and Tesla in the Turkish market. The entry of the US technology giant Tesla into the Turkish market and the addition of charging station locations in 10 cities created great excitement in the automotive market.

Experts Evaluated Tesla’s Turkey Decision

Tesla’s announcement that it will establish electric vehicle stations, called Supercharger, in 10 cities in Turkey was met with excitement in the electric car industry. Experts found it reasonable to plan to establish these stations in provinces where electric vehicles will be seen more.

Apart from this, Tesla has only been serving its own brand vehicles through these stations until now. However, it has not been clarified yet whether only Tesla electric car models or all electric vehicles can be charged at Supercharger stations to be established in Turkey.

Experts think that electric vehicles, the number of which is expected to increase in the coming years in Turkey, are generally concentrated in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions. Therefore, the number of Tesla Supercharger electric car charging stations opened in these regions is expected to increase in the coming period. It is thought that these regions will be the markets that Tesla will also prioritize.

How Will There Be Competition Between Tesla and Togg?

Experts stated that there will be serious competition between Tesla and Togg in the Turkish market. Since Togg is said to be designed as a smart device, it has superior aspects compared to Tesla models. It is a great advantage for Togg to have controls such as adjusting the temperature of the house and turning on the electricity on the vehicle.

The rumor that a joint Togg launch will be made in Turkey and Germany will also have a positive impact on competition. However, Tesla opened a factory in Germany to be able to sell more in the European market. It will sell the Tesla models it produces here in Turkey. In this respect, the competition is expected to continue through Germany.

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