Honda Experience Will Come to TOGG

While Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) production process continues, new developments are taking place.

While Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) production process continues, new developments are taking place. Honda employees, who closed their factory after serving in Turkey for many years in the past, will now share their knowledge and experience with TOGG. Qualified personnel who worked at Honda for years and gained experience but became unemployed with the closure of the factory will gather under the roof of TOGG.

Support from Honda’s Experienced Team to TOGG

It has been learned that Honda Turkey Factory Manager Murat Akdaş and his team of 63 people transferred to TOGG and started their work immediately. Following this development, it is stated that other qualified personnel who left Honda will also switch after the TOGG factory installation is completed.

This transfer, announced by TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş with the statement “We bought the most important thing in Honda”, made a big impact in the automotive industry. Murat Akdaş, the manager of Honda’s closed factory, and his experienced team of 63 people transferred to TOGG. This team, whose transfer has been completed, continues to work in TOGG’s prototype workshop.

The sharing of images showing the production and assembly process on TOGG social media accounts created great excitement. It was stated in this video that the technical personnel displayed while assembling the vehicle were qualified employees transferred from Honda. This team, consisting of technicians and operators, started to transfer the experiences they gained in the Honda factory to TOGG. Thus, the experience of Honda, one of the largest automotive companies in the world, passed to TOGG.

Murat Akda, the most important name in the technician team, took part in critical duties as soon as he came to work within TOGG. Akdaş, who started working in Honda Turkey in 1997 and rose to the position of factory manager, will take charge in construction project management and production responsibility positions at TOGG.

The Future of TOGG Transfers

It is stated that more qualified personnel will switch to TOGG, apart from the 63-person team that passed through the closed Honda factory. TOGG, which started its activities with the aim of “transforming all the values ​​produced in the automotive industry in Turkey into a new value within TOGG”, continues to take firm steps towards this goal.

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