Has Togg’s Sale Price Been Announced?

The dollar exchange rate, which entered an upward trend in September of the previous year, had reached the level of 18 TL in December. The dollar exchange rate, which caused the euro rate to rise to 20 TL and gram gold to a thousand TL, led to high rate hikes in many different sectors. One of the sectors most affected by the price hikes was the automotive sector.

Second-hand and zero-kilometer vehicle prices, which had increased due to the sudden increases in the prices of spare parts, rose again due to the chip crisis that emerged with the new year. In addition, the Russia-Ukraine war that started, causing fuel prices to reach record levels, caused vehicle manufacturers to change their production routes and accordingly, consumers’ vehicle preferences changed.

In addition to the recent negative developments, the decision of the country’s governments to invest in green transformation has led to restrictions on the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles in the automotive sector. Increasing electric car production and demand within the framework of all these variables accelerated Turkey’s work on the domestic car Togg.

It was a matter of curiosity whether the sales price of the domestic car Togg, which has successfully completed many test stages in the near future and is preparing to move on to the mass production stage to be realized at the Gemlik facility, is certain. Consumers who want to buy a new vehicle, but want to use this preference for a domestic automobile, started to research the domestic automobile price.

1 Million TL Estimate Still Valid?

In the previous statements regarding Togg’s sales price, it was claimed that the vehicle, which will be released first, will be offered for sale in the range of 750 thousand TL and 1 million TL. However, the continuation of the upward movements of the economic markets and the preservation of the validity of other factors that directly affect the sector led to the conversations that the relevant price forecast would not be realized.

Togg’s CEO Couldn’t Price!

Making statements regarding Togg as part of an event he attended in the past weeks, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş could not give a clear range for the price of Togg, emphasizing that the price of the vehicle would be determined by the market.

Trial Studies Will Begin!

While discussions about the price of Togg continue, the preparations for mass production of the vehicle continue. According to the statements made, the robots will start trial production in July.

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