Has Togg Sale Date Been Determined?

Turkey’s electric car Togg is eagerly awaited when it will be released. Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group, which manages the project and has made important developments, continues to inform the citizens of the latest developments regarding the electric car. Shares on Togg’s official social media account continue to excite citizens who are eagerly waiting for the domestic electric car.

The issue of when Togg will go on sale and how much it will cost is not on the agenda. The features and price of the domestic electric car are also among the most talked about topics on social media. When will the Togg go on sale? How much will the Togg cost? The answers to these questions are conveyed to the citizens through the posts made on the official social media account of Togg.

When Will Togg Go On Sale?

There have been important developments regarding the sales date of the domestic car Togg, which millions of citizens are eagerly waiting for. T.R. The statements made by Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, on this subject attracted great attention on social media. Speaking to the national press, Mehmet Fatih Kacır said that a critical process has been entered in domestic automobile production and the project will be completed within 12 months. In this context, while the countdown continues for Togg, the domestic car is expected to be launched in the last months of this year.

Where Is Togg Factory?

The factory of the domestic electric car Togg is established in the facilities established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. 88 percent of the Togg paint facility has been completed and 19,416 meters of electrical wiring has been completed. A 21,789 meter pipeline was also laid at the domestic automobile factory. T.R. Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, announced that these works are continuing at full speed and that the domestic car will be on the roads within 12 months.

How Much Will Togg Price Be?

The Togg brand, which was created by the abbreviation of Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group Industry and Trade Inc., produces the first domestic electric car. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş announced that the car, whose design will be completed in 2019, will go on sale in 2022, but there were delays during the pandemic process. Although there is no clear statement about the sales price of the domestic car Togg, it has been learned that the car will be sold at a price that can compete with its competitors with C-SUV internal combustion engine in the market.

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