Full Support from Turkcell to Togg: Work Has Started for 5G Infrastructure!

Restricting the production of vehicle models with internal combustion engines, which is one of the most important steps in achieving the zero carbon target, which is supported by both manufacturers and country governments around the world, has started to increase the market shares of electric cars. In addition to the zero carbon target, the increase in the cost of spare parts of the relevant vehicle models and the increasing effect of the chip crisis were among the factors that increased the production of electric cars.

Electric car production, which has increased within the framework of many variables, started to give the signals of a strong market in which Turkey is preparing to be included. While the domestic automobile work that has been going on since 2019 has been coming to an end, with the mass production of the vehicle, the features that Togg will have, the collaborations and other services it will offer have started to wonder.

Stating that since the day it was founded, it will not only be a vehicle manufacturer, but will do whatever it takes to create Turkey’s mobility ecosystem, the company has taken and continues to take important steps towards achieving these goals. The local company, which has demonstrated its development with its collaborations and has already made one feel that Togg is much more than an automobile, draws all the attention.

The company, which proved once again that Togg will be a smart device, not just a means of transportation, with its collaborations with Shell and Paycell in the past weeks, this time came to the fore with Turkcell, one of its shareholders. Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan shared the values ​​they will add to Togg and the development process of Togg in the statements he made at an event held in Cyprus.

“We Are Proud To Be On Togg’s Console!”

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, who met with journalists in Cyprus, made important statements regarding Togg, of which they own 19 percent. Erkan used the following statements in his striking statement: “We are not only working as an investor in the domestic automobile project, which is designed within the framework of the mobility ecosystem and will become a new living space by putting the user on its primary agenda, but also to create an integrated value with our digital services. Paycell, with its dynamic and powerful infrastructure, will perform all payment services in Togg’s digital ecosystem. We are proud to be on the console of the domestic car Togg, with our Fizy and Paycell integrations, and our artificial intelligence-focused technology development activities.”

Legal Permissions Awaiting For 5G Infrastructure!

Stating that they were proud to have Togg off the band with the opening of the Gemlik Factory on October 29, Erkan continued his statement with the following statements: “Togg is not a tool, it is a smart device. Togg is a born electrical device, and we invest heavily in e-mobility with the right insights. Togg is the pride of us and our country. We want to build the 5G infrastructure of Togg’s Gemlik Factory. In order to realize this request, we are waiting for the necessary legal permissions.”

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