Formula to Increase Togg and Electric Vehicle Sales!

As the world continues to develop, the features of the services offered to citizens in daily life continue to differ under many categories. In this context, the automotive industry, which has shown us the biggest example of this thesis, has shown that gasoline and diesel cars, which have been used for centuries, have started to be replaced by electric vehicles.

Gasoline and diesel vehicle production, which started to be limited due to ecological balance problems, financial problems, chip crisis and problems in the supply of other parts, led the route to the production of hybrid and electric vehicle models. In this context, it is getting ready to enter the market with its domestic car, Togg, in these days when a new automotive news comes almost every day.

The domestic car Togg, which has been in the world press for a while, was presented to the taste of consumers in America and Ankara. It is considered that Togg, which is thought to complete the test process and start mass production at the end of the year, will certainly increase its sales of electric cars. Making statements on the subject, Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD) President Berkan Bayram also drew attention to the taxes levied on vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Sales Increase!

Automotive Distributors Association recently published data on vehicle sales for the period 2021-2022. According to the vehicle sales report published by ODD, it was noted that 844 electric vehicles were sold in 2020, and this number increased to 2,846 at the end of 2021. ODD also gave the information that a total of 1073 electric vehicles have been sold since the year 2022 was entered, through its reports.

“Needs to Get Over 10 Percent!”

Making statements after the vehicle sales data published by ODD, TEHAD President Berkan Bayram emphasized that the electric vehicle industry is developing gradually, but the sales share of electric vehicles in Turkey is still below 1%. Expressing that this ratio should be at least 10 percent in order to achieve a tangible development, Bayram said that he thinks Togg will contribute to this situation.

“Taxes Must Be Arranged!”

Continuing to make statements about the automotive sector, President Berkan Bayram stated that both MTV, SCT and VAT rates are taken from the sales of electric vehicles in Turkey and that he thinks that a regulation should be made to these rates in order to increase their sales.

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