First Owners of Togg Announced! They will both use and promote!

While the governments of countries, which have been trying to struggle with difficult economic conditions for a while, made tight monetary policy decisions against increasing inflation, changes were made in many sectors depending on this criterion. Vehicles, which is one of the groups whose production was interrupted due to the upward movements of the economic markets, also caused the production decisions of the automotive industry to change.

The chip crisis, which emerged due to the pandemic and started to feel its effect more and more as of the beginning of this year, caused serious problems in the production of internal combustion cars. Both because of this situation and because of their desire to achieve zero carbon targets, the country’s governments pointed to a radical change in the automotive sector, and in this direction, the market shares of electric cars began to increase gradually.

While news of electric cars continues to come from almost every automobile manufacturer brand and companies that have recently entered the sector, Togg, which has been making efforts to produce Turkey’s domestic automobile since 2018, has started the countdown to enter the market. Promising to be much more than a vehicle manufacturer, Togg increased the expectation for the first domestic car.

Since the beginning of the year, the domestic and born electric car Togg, which has met with consumers and industry representatives on many different platforms both at home and abroad, has come to an end for its mass production, which has been expected for months. While the excitement for the domestic car, which will be on the production line with the Gemlik Factory to be opened today, was at its peak, the first owners of the car to be delivered after it got off the production line were also announced.

Togg Goes into Mass Production!

The company, which has been working to produce Turkey’s first domestic and born electric car since 2018, has come one step closer to its goals as of today. Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the Gemlik Factory, which will start operating with the opening ceremony, which is expected to have a total of 4,000 participants, will take Togg to the mass production line.

First Owners of Domestic Car Announced!

The announcement of rising fuel prices in addition to the rising fuel prices in the new era, where vehicle prices are increasing, has increased the demand for electric cars, which is considered a more profitable investment in the long run. In this context, consumers who were waiting for the domestic car to be offered for sale in order to purchase a vehicle were given clear information about who will be the first owners of Togg.

According to the first statements made, the first batch, which descends from the mass production line and the relevant procedure studies have been completed, will be made available to Turkish ambassadors abroad. In this way, Togg will be promoted abroad in a way.

18 Thousand Pieces Will Be Produced!

According to the official information received so far, the domestic car, which will be put on sale in March 2023, will be produced in 18 thousand units in its first production year.

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