Features of Togg Sedan Attract Attention

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg) produced under the brand name of the domestic automobile, is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens. As the countdown continues, new developments are taking place for the Togg, which will be produced in the giant factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. The Togg will come off the mass production line at the end of this year and will be on the road in the first months of 2023.

While the excitement about when Togg will be sold is increasing, citizens are also wondering about the features of the cars. Turkey took action to complete its unfinished story in the automobile industry. President Erdoğan led the establishment of the Togg team to make the dream of a domestic automobile a reality. In the factory established in Bursa, Togg production line stages are coming to an end.

Togg Will Pioneer the Electric Car Industry

Many different electric vehicles are expected to be launched in Turkey in the coming years. With the effect of the Togg car, the electric car industry will gain momentum. Thanks to the domestic car Togg, the interest of citizens in electric cars has increased. In his latest statement on the subject, Technical Staff Association Istanbul Provincial President Abdullah Karadağ said, “The expectation of a popularization in electric cars between 5 and 10 years will be realistic.” used the phrases.

Togg Sedan Features Announced

The domestic car will be produced in two different body types, Togg SUV and Sedan. It is expected that the Togg SUV version will be released first, and then the sedan will go on sale. The features of the Togg Sedan model, which the citizens are eagerly waiting for, have been announced. Accordingly, it will have a fast charging feature that fills 80 percent of the battery with a 30-minute charge. It will have 400 horsepower and a range of 500 kilometers. In addition, the vehicle will offer 5G and 4G connectivity and an 8-year battery warranty.

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş had announced that they would first be launched with the Togg SUV model in his previous statement. Togg Sedan sales will start 18 months after this car, which is expected to be launched in the first months of 2023. Gürcan Karakaş also announced that they will be able to produce 5 more Togg domestic cars in 5 different body types until 2030. The latest developments about Togg are followed closely.

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