Fatih Altaylı toured the TOGG factory: A wonderful car is being made!

Fatih Altaylı visited the TOGG factory: I believe a little more every day that we are making a wonderful car.

Altaylı argued that TOGG’s job is not easy while brands come under a common roof. Habertürk writer Fatih Altaylı conveyed his impressions of the domestic automobile TOGG’s headquarters in Informatics Valley, saying, “The first two vehicles were previously shown and produced by Pininfarina. The other vehicle is a vehicle made in Turkey. There are changes compared to the first prototypes.

The first The important change is that the length of the vehicle remained the same, but the wheelbase was extended by 9 cm. After the tests, some body changes were made to reduce the wind resistance. That hood was changed. The lines became more beautiful, more muscular and more majestic in my opinion.

Inside, there are quite a few changes. Dashboard is all screen. A seamless screen from one end to the other. It’s like the Porsche Taycan but with no cuts in it. Fullscreen. The control screen in the middle at the bottom has shrunk a little, and there are some changes in the section where the control joystick is located.

It seems more user friendly. The rear view system, which was previously planned to be a camera, has turned into a mirror again. This is probably due to both user demand and the contamination of the cameras,” he wrote.

“I believe a little more every day that you are making a wonderful car. I would buy this car. I would be very happy,” said Altaylı. While having to merge with PSA. While all brands are under common roofs, Mercedes is partnering with TESLA, and while they are putting out billions of euros in R&D budgets, I think about how you will fight these difficulties,” he said.

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