Exciting Statement from TOGG CEO!

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group Industry and Trade Inc. (TOGG) CEO Gürcan Karakaş made another statement for the highly anticipated TOGG car. While millions continue their research about the vehicle that is expected to be in traffic in 2023, TOGG CEO Karakaş clarified the price claims about the vehicle. The statements of CEO Karakaş once again created excitement for the highly anticipated domestic car TOGG. Here are the details…

It is known that the first domestic car model, which will be launched soon with the signature of TOGG, will be in SUV format, and according to the statements, the production of this vehicle will start at the Gebze-based factory at the end of 2022, unless there is a problem. Making statements about the vehicle, which is expected to be in traffic in the first quarter of 2023, TOGG CEO Karakaş clarified the claims that the price of the vehicle will be over 1 million liras.

Description of “Price” from Karakaş

In his statement on the subject, Karakaş said, “No professional company can, should, and should not give a price for a vehicle that will be released to traffic in April, March or February.” Expressing that the interest in the feedback received is quite high, Karakaş stated that it will be possible to see how many of these will turn into sales when the time comes. Stating that the market will determine the price, Karakaş said,

“Therefore, when the time comes, we will position ourselves in that market. Our rhetoric and claim is as follows; We know from whom we will get market share. We know in which segment our vehicle will be positioned in the market and we say that we will be competitive among them.”

“We Prepare for Global Competition”

Gürcan Karakaş, who attracted attention with these statements he made in the past days, later made new statements on this statement. Sharing a “TOGG”-focused post made by the Turkish Ambassador to Paris, Ali Oner, on his Twitter account, Karakaş said, “We are getting ready for global competition.” This statement of Karakaş once again revealed that TOGG is not only preparing for the domestic market.

Consumers Abroad Are Also Targeted

TOGG is expected to be in traffic in the first quarter of 2023 or in the first half at the latest. It is expected that the price will be determined after the production of the domestic SUV model car, where the interest is increasing, is also started. In addition, the company’s efforts continue to ensure that consumers abroad also buy the vehicle. For this reason, TOGG is taking steps on an international scale.

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