Exciting Development at Togg: First Vehicle Made!

Our country’s born electric domestic and national car, Togg, managed to take its place in the press today with a new development.

First Vehicle Produced at Togg Factory!

The domestic car Togg, which has not fallen off the agenda of our country and managed to take its place on the world agenda after the American fair where it was introduced at the beginning of the year, is getting ready for mass production at full speed. In this context, the domestic automobile, which has successfully passed many test stages and still continues to be subjected to extensive tests in case of a possible problem, excited everyone with its development that fell on the agenda today.

According to the statement made by the Togg company, it was reported that there were 208 robots in the Gemlik facility, where the mass production of the vehicle will be made. According to the statement made today, the body of the vehicle was produced by using different parts by means of related robots.

A Major Part of the Factory Has Been Completed!

Our domestic and national car, Togg, will go into mass production at the Gemlik facility specially built for it. In the ongoing facility construction works, almost the target point has been reached. According to the official statements made so far, 99 percent of the paint facility, 97 percent of the body facility and 95 percent of the assembly facility have been completed. Looking at these data, it is thought that Togg has adapted to the program it has targeted for mass production and that there will be no disruption in production.

Togg SUV Features

The native electric domestic car Togg, which is eagerly awaited by both our country and other countries, will first appear on the roads with the C segment SUV. The features of the Togg SUV, which has started to count the days for mass production, continue to be investigated frequently. According to the official statements made by the company, the Togg SUV will be launched with the following features:

Engine: 160 KW / 320 KW
Horsepower: 215 HP / 430 HP
Acceleration from 0 to 100: 7.6 seconds / 4.5 seconds
Vehicle range: 300 km / 500 km
Autonomous driving: Level 3
Euro NCAP: 5 stars
Wheelbase: 2,890 mm
Engine options: Rear-wheel drive/ All-wheel drive
Charge: Full charge in less than 30 minutes (Rapid charge technology)
Battery options: 2 packs

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