Domestic Car Togg Became The Agenda In Dubai

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), made important statements during the Dubai EXPO 2020 Turkey National Day program he attended. Speaking about the domestic electric car Togg in his speech within the scope of the program, President Erdoğan made remarkable statements. He said that he found the theme of the world-famous Dubai EXPO 2020 fair to connect minds and create the future extremely meaningful.

Expressing that catching sustainable technology in every field is the primary goal, President Erdoğan stated that new challenges in environmental and health issues lead him to seek solutions: “Because we see the environment, namely nature, as God’s work and trust.

We believe that protecting the environment, which is the common life space of all people, is not a blessing but an obligation. Our understanding of let the people live so that the state can live expresses a broad vision including the protection of the environment. We are in an effort to present our environmental policies and development policies with this understanding.”

“Togg, Sign of the Importance We Give to the Environment”

Togg, which is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens in Turkey, was on the agenda at Dubai EXPO 2020. While making his environmentalist speech, President Erdoğan spoke highly of the domestic electric car Togg: “I would also like to mention Turkey’s first electric car, Togg.

The contribution of TOGG, which you see in the exhibition area and which will start mass production from the beginning of next year, will contribute to the protection of the environment is clear. Turkey’s participation in the EXPO in the sub-theme region of sustainability is an expression of our strong stance in this field.”

When will the domestic car Togg be sold?

While competition in the electric car industry is increasing rapidly all over the world, the domestic electric car produced under the brand name of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg) is also a matter of curiosity. The Togg, which is eagerly awaited by the citizens, will be produced in the factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa. According to the information obtained, Togg is expected to enter mass production in this factory in 2022.

According to the latest statements of Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş, the domestic car will start to be taken off the production line in the last quarter of 2022. Togg, for which orders will be taken during this period, will be sold as of 2023 and will take its place on the roads. Karakaş noted that 18 months after the Togg C-SUV model was launched for the first time, the C-Sedan model would be put on the market.

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