Domestic Car Announces Togg Mobility Acceleration Program

Domestic electric car production continues at full speed under the brand name of Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg). There are new developments about Togg, which is followed closely by millions of citizens and eagerly awaited by the end of this year. Togg has been making a name for itself with its “Mobility Acceleration Program” lately.

Togg, which is preparing to implement its domestic automobile project at the end of 2022, also focuses on technological developments. Togg has recently attracted all the attention with its mobility acceleration program. Togg will take its place on the roads with its SUV model in the first months of 2023. The work at the domestic electric car factory established in the Gemlik district of Bursa continues at full speed.

Mobility Acceleration Program Announcement Has Been Arrived

Togg, which is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens, will be released in the first months of 2023. Finally, a remarkable announcement was made to those who closely follow all the developments about the brand. The sharing from Togg’s official social media account attracted great attention on social media. In the post, attention was drawn to Togg’s mobility acceleration program.

In the post made on Togg’s official Twitter account, which has a large following, “What will the mobility ecosystem of the future be like? We invite those who are curious, working on the mobility ecosystem and developing ideas to the Mobility Acceleration Program we have prepared together with Bilişim Vadisi.” statements were included. While the announcement of Togg and the mobility acceleration program created excitement in the citizens, the sales price of the domestic car Togg came to the fore once again.

How Much Will Togg Price Be?

The price of the domestic car once again came to the fore under the Togg sharing, which social media users showered with likes and comments. The Togg Twitter account announced in its last post that the deadline for the mobility acceleration program is March 13, 2022. Stating that they need everyone’s ideas for the new period, the company has listed some application criteria for the Mobility Acceleration Program.

With the Mobility Acceleration Program, which will be supported by Togg with many mentors, the transportation and mobility infrastructures of the future are expected to host very creative projects. While these developments created excitement in the industry, there has been no clear statement about the price of Togg yet. The price of the Togg will be determined when it is launched in 2023.

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