Domestic and National Map Request to Togg

Turkey's electric domestic car Togg received a call to use local and national maps. Başarsoft, which uses Google and Apple's map, made a request to make Togg's map system.

Turkey’s electric domestic car Togg received a call to use local and national maps. Başarsoft, which uses Google and Apple’s map, made a request to make Togg’s map system.

While Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (Togg) brand name was being prepared for the country’s first electric car, production efforts also gained momentum. Togg, which is eagerly awaited by millions of citizens, will go into mass production in the factory established in Bursa’s Gemlik district.

Various technological developments are also closely followed in the production process of the domestic car Togg. Finally, Başarsoft company, which uses the maps of Google and Apple, requested the use of a local map in the navigation system to be integrated into Togg. Başarsof, who presented the maps he produced for navigation systems to giant companies such as Google and Apple, now took action for Togg.

Local and National Map Integration to Togg

Stating that they continue their work on navigation systems at full speed, Başarsoft’s CEO Alim Küçükpehlivan made important statements. He said that today, maps prepared by Başarsoft are used as maps in the vehicles of public services such as police and ambulance.

Emphasizing that the company has been producing the digital map of Turkey since the day it was founded in 1997, Küçükpehlivan noted that the updating works are constantly repeated with the vehicle fleet consisting of 10 teams. He also called for Togg’s mapping system to have a local and national mapping integration.

Apple Example of Mapping to Togg

Başarsoft CEO, who said that his own maps are used as a single map in many public institutions including the General Directorate of Security and 112 ambulance vehicles, gave an example of Apple. He stated that Google has left the foreign map since 2006 and Apple has started to use the Başarsoft map since 2018.

Küçükpehlivan stated that, like Apple, Togg should switch to a constantly updated local map and said: “Companies like Apple in countries where they see a certain size in the market, if better maps are produced, they leave their own maps and move there. Because they get fewer complaints.”

Başarsoft, which attaches great importance to map updates all over the country, demands that Togg’s map system be domestic and national. The CEO of the company, Alim Küçükpehlivan, said, “We provide services at every scale of the country, in Ardahan and İzmir, with a very high data quality of 95 percent.”

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