Details of TOGG, Gemlik Facility studies were shared

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) shared new details about its ongoing work on the Gemlik Plant. Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) carries out its domestic automobile production activities at the Gemlik Facility. Founded on June 25, 2018 by Anadolu Group, BMC, Kök Group, Turkcell, Zorlu and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, the company continues its preparations to launch its electric vehicle in 2022.

TOGG, which regularly shares new information about the facility on its social media account, has released another video today. The company, which increased the curiosity of domestic automobile enthusiasts with the message “Keep watching us”; He explained the latest situation in all works from the assembly plant to the energy plant, from the water treatment plant to the treatment plant.

TOGG Gemlik Facility is progressing as planned

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group, who said in the video he shared, “Work at our Gemlik facility is progressing in line with our plans”; He stated that 105 steel columns were erected in the Paint Facility. Sharing the information that 4,400 tons of steel was also installed, the company stated that the 450 square meter roof sandwich panel assembly was also completed. In addition, it was stated that 2 thousand 400 tons of iron were connected and 20 thousand 600 cubic meters of concrete was poured.

Providing information about the details of the Body Facility, TOGG announced that the assembly of 252 prefabricated columns has been completed. However, underlining that 2,300 tons of steel was assembled, he noted that 7,299 tons of iron was attached and 44,500 cubic meters of concrete was poured.

In the 1-minute video, which includes the Assembly Facility, one of the most important parts; It was stated that 340 prefabricated columns were assembled. It was also reported that the assembly of 3 thousand 600 tons of steel was completed. It was also added that 65,500 cubic meters of concrete was poured, and that 8,900 tons of iron was attached to us.

What about the Energy, Water Processing and Treatment Plant?
Energy Facility:

1,425 tons of iron tied
9 thousand 628 cubic meters of concrete poured
400 square meters of masonry work done

Water Treatment Plant:

1,800 cubic meters of concrete poured
360 tons of iron tied

Entrance building:

2 thousand 100 square meters of foundation insulation was done
2 thousand 800 cubic meters of concrete poured
520 tons of iron tied

Treatment plant:

1.100 square meters of foundation insulation was done
250 cubic meters of concrete poured
150 tons of iron tied
Perimeter wall: Reinforced concrete curtain works completed

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