Details About TOGG SUV

Details about the TOGG SUV attract the attention of the citizens. The idea of ​​Turkey's automobile, which was put forward in 2011,

Details about the TOGG SUV attract the attention of the citizens. The idea of ​​Turkey’s automobile, which was put forward in 2011, gained momentum in 2017. Introduced last December 27, 2019, TOGG is expected to be put up for sale by everyone. While introducing the TOOG C-Suv model, it attracts everyone’s appreciation with its technical features and design. Let’s look at the details of our article for the national electric suv.

TOGG SUV Technical Specifications

Details about the National Automotive Suv, production date, technical features have started to become clear. Turkey’s pride, TOGG, will have a fast charging feature within 30 minutes. With a charging time of about 30 minutes, it will reach 80 percent battery charge. The vehicle, which has 200 and 400 horsepower, will be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds to reach 200 horsepower and 4.8 seconds to switch to 400 horsepower. TOOG will have the option to reach 300+ and 500+ ranges.

In addition, the vehicle, which will be constantly connected to the center, will receive all updates thanks to its 4G and 5G connection. According to the system, in cases where maintenance is required, the vehicle will be able to contact the maintenance point directly. The national car engine, on the other hand, is produced as an innate electric motor. Some people have questioned why the national car engine was not gasoline. But the national car engine was preferred as electric.

Thanks to the autonomous driving system, the vehicle will be able to stand up and stop by itself in traffic. For this reason, the driver will no longer need to control the vehicle with the steering wheel. The national vehicle also has Holographic Assistant technology. Accordingly, the vehicle will be able to see situations such as bumps, potholes, etc. that have been on the road. The vehicle will notify the driver of all the negativities that speak.

There are also details about Turkey’s car Suv, as well as information that it will be an assistant that makes life easier and thinks of you. The national electric SUV will easily connect with all smartphones. Since TOGG has an electric motor, it will work silently, with energy efficiency and zero emissions. Since he will be constantly connected to the internet, he will easily guide you. Thanks to its assertive and stylish designs, it also has a very stylish vehicle design.

How Much Will Turkey’s Car TOGG Suv Price?

After the TOGG electric SUV details are revealed, the citizens are also eagerly waiting for the details about the prices. It has been reported that the vehicle with superior performance, technical features and stylish design will go into mass production in Bursa. TOGG consisted of 5 partners, namely Kıraca Holding, Zorlu Holding, BMC, Turkcell Group and Anadolu group. The average investment amount of the vehicle, which will reach 22 billion TL, is planned to start mass production of around 30 thousand annually.

It is estimated that the vehicle will reach 175,000 units of production in an estimated 13 years. It is expected that Turkey’s automobile will reach 5 models within this period. It is stated that the first model to enter mass production is the C-Suv. It is learned that the mass production of the vehicle will be made in 2022. Although the model names of the vehicle are certain, there are no clear statements about its name yet. The name TOGG is being considered because it is undertaken by Turkey Automobile Development Group Industry and Trade Inc. While no information has been given about the price of the vehicle yet, it is expected to be informed about the price in the coming days.

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