Details about the TOGG sedan

Details about the TOGG sedan have only just become known. The TOGG project that Turkey has been dreaming of for years has finally been realized.

Details about the TOGG sedan have only just become known. The TOGG project that Turkey has been dreaming of for years has finally been realized. On December 27, 2019 TOGG was launched in Gebze Turkey Automobile Development Group Industry and Commerce Inc. At the market launch, the first prototype C-Suv was presented to the taste and driving experience of the participants.

Technical data of the TOGG sedan

The details of the TOGG sedan impress with their technical features and stylish design. The high-performance battery system in its technical equipment impresses with its compatibility with Euro NCAP 5-star level. The battery, which is quickly charged in half an hour, reaches 80% fill level. While the battery is guaranteed for 8 years, there are two different battery life options, 300 range and 500 range. There are also 200 hp and 400 hp options. While it accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds with 200 hp, the vehicle goes with 400 hp in 4.8 seconds.

Thanks to autonomous driving, the car is constantly connected to the control center and can receive updates via the Internet without any further measures. When it needs maintenance, the vehicle contacts the maintenance point directly and solves its own problem. In addition, it stops itself in heavy traffic and leaves no work to the driver who is moving. Thanks to its special systems, the road conditions inform the driver in advance of any problems that may arise in the form of a warning.

Details about the TOGG sedan don’t end here. The vehicle, which will be constantly connected to the Internet, enables easy handling of all navigation and directions. Thanks to the electric motor, it works silently, accelerates, emission-free and energy-efficient. In addition, the driver will think financially with minimal fuel consumption.

Design features of the TOGG sedan

Among the details of the TOGG sedan, its design attracts a lot of attention. The Turkey Automobile Development Group (TOOG) created Pininfarina for the design. In the photos shared by TOOG on social media, the design of the headlights attracted a lot of attention. The vehicle has side mirror projections, but these are produced by the camera system and not by the glass. The tulip design on the radiator grille of the domestic car aroused curiosity. Tulip figurines, often used in advertising for Istanbul, were also popular during the Ottoman period. It has 6 tulips on its front grill. It is believed that this is related to the number of partners.

TOGG’s battery is on the floor. The double-drawn engine in its construction also caught the attention of the participants. The touch LED screen inside, the stylishly designed gear knob and the wooden design on the steering wheel ensured that the domestic car received the full number of points from the participants. According to the resulting photos, the home car will be a vehicle with the most modern design and technical equipment. The citizens will continue to be informed about the details of the TOGG limousine. It is estimated that TOGG will start mass production in Bursa by 2022.

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