Critical development in the domestic car TOGG! Orders have been placed

Critical development in the domestic car TOGG! Orders have been placed Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that TOGG's factory construction was in full swing, said

Critical development in the domestic car TOGG! Orders have been placed Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that TOGG’s factory construction was in full swing, said: “The orders for the machines have been placed. TOGG’s CEO recently shared a picture that we planned and announced that hopefully Turkey will roll the car off the assembly line in late 2022, “he said.

Critical development in the domestic car TOGG!

Varank, who attended the youth meeting organized by the AK Party Yalova Provincial Youth Association in the garden of TİGEM, advised everyone to get vaccinated when a young person asked about home vaccination studies.

Mustafa Varank explained that young people can also die from the novel coronavirus (covid-19) and mentioned that not being vaccinated is a very big risk.

Varank stated that currently two domestic vaccine studies in Turkey are progressing rapidly and will continue as follows:

“One of them is the vaccine study by our professors at Kayseri Erciyes University, which we call Inactive Vaccine. He has completed the laboratory phases of the inactivated vaccine in Kayseri Erciyes, Animal Testing. The human testing is in three phases. He has completed the first two. ” Phases. He is currently continuing his vaccinations in the third phase. There are also fewer vaccines in the world. There is another known technology. VLP is a vaccine technology based on virus-like particles. Two of our instructors from Bilkent and METU are leading this work. We supported all processes with TUBITAK. Animal testing and phase 1 have also been completed for this vaccine. This means that the first attempts on humans have been completed. “Second vaccination doses are currently being shot.” in phase 2. Hopefully after the transition to phase 3 and by the end of the year, when we can find enough volunteers, we will finish the work there. We’re going to have a vaccine that can be used on humans. ”

“If we want to get rid of this scourge, we have to get vaccinated”
Recalling that he had volunteered for the VLP vaccine, Varank continued his speech as follows:

“I was one of the 38 people shot in the first 38 people whose laboratory tests and animal studies were completed. Studies are continuing successfully. No side effects were seen. I even volunteered for a newly discovered vaccine. Because this one.” People “work in these professions all their lives. All testing and other evaluations of an injected vaccine have already been done. Once a vaccine has been approved by our Ministry of Health, you can safely be vaccinated. So please get vaccinated. If you haven’t shot it, let’s at least volunteer so that you can do something good for humanity. If we want to get rid of this scourge, if we want to go back to our schools, we have to get vaccinated. ”

The construction of the factory is in full swing in the TOGG project

When a young man asked about the current state of domestic automotive studies, Minister Varank drew attention to the investment in the right technology with the Turkish automotive project.

Explaining that some people criticized the project when Turkey’s car with fully electric, autonomous functions was announced, Varank said:

“They said, ‘Electric cars are too early. Hybrids will live 30 years and then they will switch to electric.’ They say, “This train is going very fast. Therefore, the Turkish automotive project is a project where the right technology has been invested at the right time. We see the TOGG project as a project that will transform the automotive industry in Turkey and adapt to the new trend in the world. It is almost like a flicker. ” As a result of the TOGG project, the entire industry will switch to electric. We hope that by the end of 2022, as planned and announced by us, Turkey will roll off his car. “

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