Country Surrendered to Profits, Togg Takes the Stage!

Domestic production Togg, which is one of the national prides of our country, continues to be wondered more and more every day. The domestic car, which managed to get full marks from the participants and technical officials on all the platforms where it was introduced, this time showed itself on the roads covered with snow during a week of harsh weather conditions.

The domestic car, whose photos on snowy roads were presented to the media last week, was presented to the citizens this time with driving videos where its performance on the same snowy roads was published. The automobile, which is the national pride of the country, managed to excite both the citizens of the country and other people who attach importance to green vehicle production with its published images.

-40 Degree Photo Released!

The domestic car Togg, which has been going on test drives for a while and is eagerly awaited to go off the production line and go into mass production, continues to be presented to the citizens with every stage of its production.

Last week, the domestic car, which was presented to the taste of the citizens with its modified image at -40 degrees and posing in the snow, managed to take its place in the first place not only in the press of our country, but also in the foreign press with its eye-catching appearance.

Snow Driving Video Released!

The domestic car Togg, whose magnificent image in the snow was shared with the press during the week we left behind, managed to take its place in the press with its driving video on the same snowy roads this week.

In the video, it was observed that Togg had the ability to perform magnificent maneuvers and drift at the same time, while the vehicle was already ready to hit the roads. The video footage published on Togg’s official website met with the comments of the citizens within minutes.

Praising both the image of the Togg and the driving performance in the video, the citizens expressed that they are looking forward to the day when the vehicle will be released.

In Mass Production in December!

It is predicted that the automotive industry, which has been deeply injured due to both the pandemic and the changing living conditions, will be revived with our domestic car, Togg. Having successfully completed most of the test stages, the car will go into mass production as of December.

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