AVAS will be put into service with Togg!

Preparations continue for the Togg, which will go into mass production at the end of 2022 and is planned to be put on the road in the first three months of 2023. In this context, it was announced that the AVAS project developed by Seger came to an end, and the details of the relevant project were shared with the public.

New System Developed With Togg!

Shortly before Togg, our innately electric domestic vehicle, was put on the road, new systems to be included in the automotive industry began to be developed together with Togg. At the beginning of these systems came AVAS. The AVAS project, produced by Seger, was introduced within the scope of Automechanika held in Istanbul.

Seger, which was established entirely with domestic capital, developed a new system within the domestic automobile before Togg, which will take its place on the roads in the new period. Having successfully completed its R&D studies, the company recently announced the details of the AVAS project to the public. Accordingly, with a sound system to be integrated into the vehicle, an artificial sound will be given outside to reduce the accident rate by detecting completely silent domestic cars and other electric cars by pedestrians. In this way, possible accidents will be prevented.

Mass Production Will Start After Togg!

Details of the AVAS project developed by Seger began to emerge. AVAS, also known as the Acoustic Vehicle Warning System, will create an artificial sound until the vehicle reaches a speed of 30 kilometers. The AVAS project, which will make its first application with the domestic and national vehicle Togg, will have started for mass production after Togg takes its place on the roads.

Statement from the General Manager of SEGER!

Tülin Tezer, General Manager of Seger, made statements about the domestic security measure AVAS they had designed. Tezer used the following statements: “AVAS, with which we worked with Istanbul University during the R&D stage, aims to prevent accidents that may occur in terms of pedestrians by creating an artificial sound in electric vehicles.

This device, which can be used in semi and fully electric vehicle models, can be developed according to the special requests of vehicle manufacturers thanks to the CAN software included. Thanks to this feature of this AVAS, an automobile manufacturer will be able to define the desired audio file to its vehicle. We set up our production lines for AVAS. Our domestic car will be included in the models of the Togg SUV, and then we will put it into the service of the automotive industry through mass production.”

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