Assembly Video for TOGG has also been shared!

For TOGG, whose assembly picture was shared in the past days, this time Assembly Video for TOGG was also shared! Video and other details for TOGG, which now shares the assembly stages, are included in our article. Let’s examine the details about the Assembly Video for TOGG together.

Assembly Video for TOGG has also been shared!
A video sharing came from the Official Twitter address for Turkey’s tool TOGG. This time, a more stable sharing was made. This post was previously Montage images. You can check it out in our article. In the current post, the Assembly Video was shared for TOGG.

First of all, we will share this shared Assembly Video for you. Later, we will convey our detailed thoughts about that tweet.

Here is the Assembly Video for that TOGG;

We can say that this is the first video of our domestic vehicle about assembly. The picture has been shared before. But the video was shared for the first time. Now we will present that share to you. Below is the post from the official twitter account.

The following details are included in the article in the share.

We are achieving our goals step by step. Our journey to the New League continues without slowing down. #YeniLigeYolculuk #TOGG
Hedeflerimizi adım adım gerçekleştiriyoruz. Yeni Lige yolculuğumuz hız kesmeden devam ediyor. #YeniLigeYolculuk #TOGG

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