Another Success, Togg Invited to Barcelona!

The fact that the world’s automotive giants have restricted the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles due to the climate crises and ecosystem disturbances has enabled the electric vehicle market to mobilize. At this point, the electric vehicle sector, in which Turkey is included with the Togg domestic car, has managed to attract the attention of both manufacturers and consumers to a great extent.

Gaining weight in the world electric vehicle market with the domestic car Togg, Turkey has made its name known more and more in the production sector. Togg, who has achieved success in many different fields since the beginning of the year, has been invited to Barcelona by signing another success as of the new week. Statements on the subject were made by Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş.

First in America!

The domestic car Togg, which participated in the CES fair held after the 2-year pandemic break at the beginning of the year and was presented to the taste of industry representatives and other participants, managed to enter the top 20 among 2 thousand 300 participants, signing the first success of the year. After the event, Togg was chosen as the 6th best design by Exhibitor, one of the most followed automotive publications in the world, and with this success, he succeeded in embarrassing the Turkish nation.

Now in Barcelona!

Successfully passing the test phases day by day and thus advancing with firm steps towards mass production, Togg continues to be featured in the world press. The domestic car Togg, whose reputation has exceeded the borders of the country, managed to show up in Barcelona after America.

The domestic car Togg, which was invited to the Avalanche Summit, which was held in the past days and is one of the largest blockchain events in Europe, achieved another success with the speech of CEO Gürcan Karakaş at the event.

Togg Speech in Europe by CEO Gürcan Karakaş!

Attending the Avalanche Summit held in Barcelona, ​​Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş made statements within the event.

Stating that Togg has completely evolved into a smart device, Karakaş made the following statements in his speech: “Togg, our blockchain platform Toggen, aims to provide users with an uninterrupted mobility experience. Here, blockchain stands out as safe, fast and environmentally friendly mobility services. Digitized data and other device assets will be securely stored and transferred thanks to the blockchain. This will enable blockchain and artificial intelligence to be at the center of ecosystems.”

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