Another Achievement from Togg: Top of the Best Employers List!

In these days when the world automotive industry restricts the production of vehicles with internal combustion engines and accelerates the production of electric vehicles, Turkey’s domestic car Togg continues to raise the country’s chest.

The domestic car Togg, which has been eagerly awaited by both the citizens of the country and other countries until the announcement that its work has begun, has achieved another success. Togg, which has managed to be on the national and world agenda with its proud news almost every day since the year 2022 was entered, has managed to enter the list of Turkey’s best employers.

Deserved the Certificate First!

Since the first days of 2022, the domestic car Togg, which has been exhibited both in the world arena and on our country’s platforms and has managed to get full marks by automotive companies, vehicle manufacturers, other sector representatives and drivers, continues to add success to its success.

Continuing to produce domestic automobiles with great care, Togg ensured that this meticulousness was rewarded in 2021. Togg, who managed to get a certificate from the Great Place to Work Institute of the USA, whose Turkey office is located in Istanbul Beşiktaş, managed to be on the agenda of both the country and the world at that time. It has been proven that Togg, which was entitled to receive the said certificate by being evaluated within the framework of global standards, creates high trust in its personnel.

Now the Title of Best Employer!

Togg, which managed to get a certificate from the Great Place to Work Institute last year, managed to come up with a new success news in the new week. According to the statement made by Togg’s CEO, Gürkan Karakaş, Togg was evaluated by the same institute and succeeded in successfully exiting all the analyzes made and entered the list of Turkey’s Best Employers.

Impatiently Await Togg’s Release!

Togg, which is prepared to get off the production line and has passed many tests in order to provide the drivers with a safe and quality driving experience before getting off, will go into mass production at the end of the year. The domestic car will be offered for sale in the first quarter of 2023 and will take its place on the roads.

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