Ambitious exit from Togg: Europe’s greenest!

One of the projects shown as the national pride of Turkey, the domestic car Togg continues to take the lead with its diversity in many areas. Togg CEO Gürkan Karakaş, who attended the UK-Turkey Green Finance Conference held in London in the past days, made statements that Togg is the cleanest in Europe and once again revealed the firm’s claim.

Best Examples of Green Finance Gathered!

The Green Finance Conference, where the green finance ecosystem was discussed, was held in order to achieve the goals set in the 26th United Nations Climate Change COP26. High-level representatives from both the public and private sectors attended the conference.

At the Green Finance Conference, to which the CEO of our national pride Togg also participated, only the best of the industry were discussed. At this point, the fact that the domestic car Togg was also one of the topics discussed at the conference made the car swell once again.

“The Cleanest Not Only In The Vehicle, But Also In The Production Process!”

Gürkan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, which participated in the Green Finance Conference, talked about Togg’s contributions to the ecosystem.

Stating that Togg considers sustainability not only in the final result, but also in the production process, CEO Karakaş made the following statements: “Togg has the characteristic of being a sustainable and green brand from birth. It makes a difference in the field of sustainability not only with the fact that the vehicle is zero emission during use, but also within the framework of business models created within the framework of data, mobility solutions developed by the company, smart life innovations and many other factors. Each of our works is carried out in a way that first meets international standards and then goes beyond these standards.”

“Circular Economy Matters!”

During the conference, CEO Gürkan Karakaş stated that Togg’s contributions to the ecosystem were developed not only within the scope of the vehicle sector, but also as user-oriented, and stated that the Togg paint shop could be considered as the cleanest in Europe thanks to its less than 5 milligrams of volatile components.

In his statements, Gürkan Karakaş pointed out that they are a company that attaches great importance to the circular economy, and stated that they work sensitively on the subject of recycling and secondary life in this framework.

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