A New Law Proposal Will Be Issued for TOGG!

While TOGG's work continues at full speed, developments continue to occur. A new law proposal will come for TOGG!

New steps are being taken on energy, which has become more important after the pandemic and has become a problem that needs to be solved with the problem of global warming. The AK Party is preparing a legislative proposal that includes regulations on energy security. The said regulation also included details regarding the TOGG electric domestic car, which is planned to enter the production line in 2022.

Finally, the law that foresees removing the TRT share and energy fund from the bills was submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This bill also includes infrastructure clauses for the establishment of charging stations for electric vehicles. Electric charging stations will be made ready for TOGG, which is expected to be launched at the end of 2022.

Electric Charging Stations will be built throughout the country

Infrastructure will be created for the provision of charging services for electric vehicles and the establishment of charging stations. It is being investigated to give licenses to the organizations that will operate these stations and to establish a legal infrastructure just like gas stations. It has been learned that the details of the license, installation and operation of charging stations will be included in the new draft law.

TOGG, which is eagerly awaited by the citizens, will land on the roads at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023. Until this time, it is planned that electric charging stations will start to serve in a licensed manner throughout Turkey. As it is known, right after the phrase “A prospector or operator is obliged to pay one-eighth of the oil he produces as a state share”, the provision of “The President can increase one-eighth by 50 percent” came to the fore.

TOGG in Production Line in 2022

On the other hand, the draft law prepared by the AK Party will also include details for TOGG. Unlicensed generation facilities (such as HEPP, geothermal) will be able to use transmission facilities as well as the distribution system. The highly anticipated TOGG will enter the production line in the factory under construction in the Gemlik district of Bursa in 2022. TOGG, which is expected to be produced in the C SUV segment, will be on the roads in 2023.

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